Baqua Spa

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BAQUA Spa® Water Care System

Crystal-clear water and long-lasting bacteria control make BAQUA Spa® Water Care System a refreshing difference! BAQUA Spa® leaves the skin soft, is gentle on bathing suits, has no harsh odor and is easy to use. The BAQUA Spa® Water Care System has everything you need, including an easy to use three-step, three-product system and a full complement of spa care products.


BAQUASpa® Pro Kit

With the chlorine-free, bromine-free BAQUA Spa® System you can take care of your hot tub in three easy steps:

  1. Prevent with BAQUA Spa® Waterline Control.

  2. Clarify with BAQUA Spa® Oxidizer.

  3. Sanitize with BAQUA Spa® Sanitizer with Stain & Scale Control.