Vogue Revelation Laguna-Equator™

Built using the latest top-of-the-line technology, the Revelation is just that: a fresh blend of good looks, great design, and long-lasting solidity. Easy to install and guaranteed for decades, this is a true investment in summer fun.

Revelation Laguna Equator Pool

Key features

  • 8-inch injection-molded top ledge
  • Incorporated multi-ribbed supports for optimum stability
  • Features a sophisticated-looking metallic logo
  • Two-color contrast provides incredible style
  • 6-inch injection-molded upright, with extra depth for greater stability
  • Three-dimensional injection molding means greater detail and solidity
  • Stylish metallic ring at the top of the upright
  • Resin wall channel at both the top and the bottom
  • Smooth, undulated shape increases pool strength
  • Larger support tab for greater stability
  • Built-in drainage slot prevents wall corrosion
  • Wall clip permits stability despite ground changes
  • Upper joiner plate screws to top ledge and upright using a simple top-down system
  • Oversized upper joiner plate ensures greater stability for top ledge
  • Perfectly fitting and locking parts
  • Upper plate in a complementary shade to top ledge for contrast and style
  • Bottom joiner plate attaches to uprights using a snap-in system, no hardware required
  • Smooth, quick installation into upright
  • Made of resin: solid and corrosion-proof
  • Invisible lateral supports on the oval models
  • 30-year warranty: 5 full years and 25 years at 50%