How to Clean Your Spa’s Filter Video

How to Clean Your Spa's Filter

Hot Spring Filters

Cleaning Your Spa’s filters may sound like a daunting task, but with Hot Spring’s Tri-X filters, it’s as easy as turning off your spas power, pulling the filter out, and washing with a hose! To achieve a deeper clean, use filter cleaner or a degreaser to loosen grease and oils before washing with a hose. You should clean your filters monthly to extend the life of your spa.

Caldera Filters

To avoid dirty water in your hot tub, it is important to do regular hot tub maintenance that includes spa filter cleaning. This video shows you three options for how to clean your Caldera spa filter. Regular monthly filter cleaning is an important hot tub maintenance that will extend the life of your filter. When cleaning the spa filter, always inspect for signs of wear and tear.