“Fall” Into a Hot Tub – Charlottesville, Virginia

The Perfect Time of Year

Charlottesville Virginia is a beautiful place to live. With Fall around the corner, the foliage of the Blue Ridge Mountains is changing from brilliant summer greens to the vibrant reds, yellows and tans of fall. Crisp, cool nights are on the way, too. There’s no better way to experience the season than while soaking in the warm waters of a backyard hot tub.
Hot tub ownership has many benefits. Here are some reasons our customers love their hot tubs.

Family Time

“We’ve had great conversations with our children while soaking together in our spa.”
We hear this a lot at Luxury Pool & Spa. Many of our customers have kids, and what are the kids typically doing while at home? They’re texting their friends, using social media, playing video games, using the computer – everybody’s plugged in! A backyard hot tub creates an environment where everyone can unplug and relax, talk and spend quality family time together.

Pain Reduction

“I’ve suffered from lower back pain for years. After a 20 minute soak in my hot tub, my back pain is gone.”

Many of our customers suffer from an illness or injury causing a chronic pain condition. Warm water therapy is an excellent method of alternative pain management. It’s effective for reducing the discomfort associated with such conditions as fibromyalgia and arthritis, as well as general joint and muscle pain. Hot water works its magic in several ways. Gravity’s compression on joints is greatly reduced while submerged in water, thus reducing pain, while the hot water also gives complete support for sore arms and legs. Warm water soaking can also decrease inflammation and swelling and can increase blood flow. Hot tub soaking is designed to produce these effects, helping hot tubbers lead more pain-free lives.

Improved Sleep

“I’ve always had trouble falling and staying asleep. I often resorted to medication for help. Now that I regularly use my hot tub in the evenings, unwinding, relaxing and falling asleep is a cinch!”

Quality of sleep is essential for physical, mental and emotional health. The negative effects of poor sleep can lead to accidents, loss time at work, use of medications and more. Clinical evidence suggests that a 15 minute soak in a hot tub before bed can greatly improve one’s quality of sleep. The process is simple. Our body temperature naturally falls during the night as we sleep. It is theorized that during this low ebb in body temperature the best sleep is achieved. A quick soak in a spa before bed raises body temperature. This speeds up the natural “cooling off” process and leads to a better night’s sleep.

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