Essentials® Pool Buoy

Pool Buoy

Pool Buoy is the first and only floating pool umbrella, a revolutionary development in water recreation that is elevating pool time to new levels of fun and sun protection. It’s a seven foot umbrella that floats in any body of water deeper than 2 feet – pool, lake, river, ocean, Spa you name it. It is light-weight, easy to assemble, and has five cupholders for your favorite beverages. You can cool off, unwind, and enjoy the sunshine without risking sun damage. Gotta love that!

The Pool Buoy is a 7′ beach-style umbrella made of aluminum and UV-rated fabric. It simply drops into a hole in the floating tray that has a weighted buoy at the bottom. The specifically designed buoy allows the umbrella to float freely, yet keeps the table stable in wind and waves. This is a must-have to display in the showroom.

Available in blue or white.