Marquis ATV™-14 Swim Spa

The ATV™-14 is the flagship model of the Marquis Swim Spa collection. It’s 14 feet of  aquatic activity and enjoyment, and comes packed with true hydrodynamic features for therapy including:

  • 6 high volume turbo jets
  • 480 GPM / 1817 LPM flow rate
  • Swim tether
  • Designed to fit into a relatively smaller area, the ATV-14 doesn’t skimp on features or benefits. With a true four foot of water depth you can stand up submerged in water and exercise away! Plus even tall, lanky swimmers will get the workout they desire with ample height and wingspan area. Butterfly, breast stroke or freestyle your way to fitness!

    Plus the ATV-14 will look great in your space. The synthetic wood exterior is the best in the industry and the optional matching exterior steps will create a beautiful focal point in your yard. Discover how to improve your healthy performance and elevate your swim spa experience with an Aquatic Training Vessel™ by Marquis® today!