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Fourwinds Swim Spa

Fourwinds Swim Spa

XL 16000 Swim Spa

The XL 160000 is the perfect combination of wellness, comfort, beauty and efficiency. Standing proud at 16 feet, it has a large free space you can confidently swim in, as well as a beautiful relaxation area with a full lounge so you can unwind in style.

This swim spa system comes with a flexible rod and harness system to center the swimmer, and it boasts 3 powerful river jets to provide the user with a superior current. These attributes allow everyone from beginners to athletes to improve their swimming strength and technique. The river jets can be adjusted upward to help the user stay afloat, or downward for an excellent leg workout.

The optional exercise bands are a versatile compliment to enhance upper body strength and flexibility. Lighting and music systems greatly enhance the ambience of your swim spa and make it a superb feature in your home and garden. The Green Energy Retention System and the 360 Degree Filtration System are included to provide you with maximized energy efficiency and cleanliness.

The XL 16000 conveniently provides you with the benefits of a pool, a spa, and home gym, and it requires only a fraction of the space, water and energy. It truly is a superior system that you can trust in to bring you and your family years of health and entertainment.


Dimensions: 191" L X 90″ H X 55″ W
Seating: 4 Persons
Jets: 29 Max Pro Jets + 3 River Jets
Pumps: 3 Viper Pumps + 1 Ultra Spa Pump
Pack: EL8KP5 (USA) GL8KP4 (Europe)
Topside Controls: Balboa ML 12 Button Control
Heater: 5.5 kW (3 kW in Europe)
Filtration: 200Sp. Ft. Ultra-Pure Filtration
Volume: 2000 US Gallons / 7570 L
Dry Weight: 2,500 lbs / 1,136 kg
Filled Weight: 18,500 lbs / 8,409 kg
Shell: Diamondiod XTR
Standard Features: LED Rainbow Spa Light, Green Energy Retention System
Shell Options Platinum Swirl
Cabinet Options Resin: Mocha Resin: Slate
Cover Options Premium Spa Grade Teak Premium Spa Grade Slate
General Options 8 Water Show Features Exercise Equipment LED Cupholders
Stereo Options iPod Media Dock Bluetooth / FM Stereo Sub-Woofer


Four Winds Spas has been a leading manufacturer of quality hot tubs, therapeutic spas and swim spas for more than two decades. Our unparalled commitment to craftsmanship, excellence and innovation has allowed us to stay at the forefront of the spa manufacturing industry. Incorporating cutting-edge technology and aesthetic beauty, Four Winds is dedicated to providing a stunning array of spas to meet every style and budget.

Focusing on the importance of hydrotherapy, we have developed an engineered system of strategic jet placement that allows for maximum hydrotherapeutic muscle relief and total comfort.

With styles and options to fit any need, taste or budget, Four Winds Spas can customize your spa to enhance your life and provide you with superior relaxation. Once you have had the ultimate Four Winds experience, you will understand why we say “Relax, you’ve earned it.”
Due to our continuous improvement programs, Four Winds Spas may make product modifications and enhancements. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Product pictured may include options beyond standard equipment. Check with your local dealer for the most current product specifications. Spa colors may appear different on your screen. Jet quantity, style and placement in images do not necessarily represent actual current spa model offering. Please see your local Wellness Spas dealer for more information.