PDC Swim Spas

PDC Swim Spas

The Swim Spa Experience

Swim spas combine the comfort of a hot tub’s hydrotherapy with the power of exercise. Enjoy with the whole family for family fun time or have a great time entertaining friends. Jump on in and see what pure bliss feels like!

PDC Spas is the largest swim spa manufacturer of swim spas on the east coast! Feel safe in your decision and decide PDC.

TruSwim and Synergy Series Swim Spas

PDC Swim Spas are where innovation and fitness meet! Simply step out your door into a private backyard oasis of warm water action for the quickest, most beneficial exercise experience that meets your personal time schedule.

Whether you are an athlete in training, a fitness enthusiast, wanting relief from joint pain, or looking for hydrotherapy and a better way of life, adding a PDC Swim Spa to your lifestyle is the answer for you.

Exercise Your Way

There are no limits to the exercises that can be performed in a swim spa. Swimming is the obvious exercise but don’t put limits on yourself. Just a few options include: weight lifting, resistance bands, walking, running, a treadmill and rowing; all increasing muscle tone in a safe stress free environment.